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I have been living in Georgia for about 6 years now and I am getting back into doing the outdoors activities I did when I was a kid. I hunted deer up in western Illinois when I was a kid and it probably spoiled me a little with the big deer we had up there.

I know some hunters from work but I don't think they really want to hunt with their boss. I imagine they go to the sticks to get away from me (and maybe their wives too) so I am looking around at some options for public lands and I would like to eventually find a good fit in a club.

In the next year I am planning on doing some turkey, small game, and deer. Maybe some hog if something comes up. I like hunting with a crossbow, have a 12ga, a 22 rife, and eventually I am going to get a centerfire rifle.

I am interested in learning the differences in hunting here down south vs the cold corn and bean fields back home. I am really excited to get back into hunting and spending time outdoors.


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Welcome to the Campfire. You came to the right place. Check out Palding Forrest and Sheffield for public land close to Carroll.


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Welcome aboard. If you like to cut up some find your way to the Useles Billy thread. Post once in the "1000" thread for a chance to win a custom knife made by one of the fine craftsmen on the board. We're on 999 now so it won't be long. And watch your step should you venture into the PF. It can be a bit rough in there if you're not in lock step.
If your going to hunt WMA or NF lands then get a good pair of boots and do plenty of scouting work. I've been hunting public lands in AL and GA for 10 years and it certainly takes some work to find yourself some good spots (of which I only have a couple compared to tons of crap spots, lol). I hope you enjoy the different hunting we have here. Where are you located?
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I am in Villa Rica. I decided to join a hunting club that has some places nearby. The public land idea had been giving me some anxiety about finding good spots and showing up to find someone there. On the bright side I have a place to go about 10 minutes from home that was clear-cut a couple years ago and still has some hard woods. Lots of brush and a creek near the hard woods so deer season should be fun.