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Welcome to the fire !!
We have at least one other PA guy here.
I’ll call him over.


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Welcome to Woody's. Down here we mostly choot em but we do it in untold number of ways. Happy to have you with us.


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Welcome, fished in your part of the country but never hunted there.
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Up here most of the buck are shot during the two week gun season. That being said there are over 300 k archery hunters. This is when I do most of my hunting. This year the season starts Oct. ! and goes until Nov 19th which gets you all of the pre rut and all of the rut and a little of the post rut. Added bonus in my part of the state is archery bear comes in Oct 15 and goes until nov 6th. Pretty good bear population in pa
Welcome. The wealth of information here is what drew me here initially, and I've found that the company ain't bad either!

Regarding Georgia deer hunting, if you're a podcast guy, there are two very good podcast episodes that come to mind, especially for North Georgia public land hunting. One is "Chasing Bucks and Bears in the North Georgia Mountains with Dr. Chris Jenkins" from Hunt the South podcast (formerly known as Georgia Afield podcast).

Another is The Guide to Hunting OLD BUCKS with Nathan Killen from the Southern Outdoorsman podcast.

See ya around.


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Welcome to THE Campfire!