New World Record Non-Typical Whitetail

Jim Boyd

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That is large for anywhere.

That it came from Illinois is no real surprise.

A genuine beast that many may pick apart or disparage but that is a once in a thousand year buck.

Brewster's 320-5/8-Inch Non-Typical Buck Pending World Record Announced
January 10, 2019

first day of the 2019 ATA Show in Louisville, Ky.
With a net score of 320 5/8 inches, the Brewster Buck is the largest archery non-typical of all-time as well as the largest hunter-killed whitetail of all-time.
epic Illinois non-typical bow-killed whitetail was announced today
Way cool good news. Congrats to the bowhunter. Thx for posting.


Jim Boyd

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Pending world record.

With a bow.

Stud. The deer and the hunter.


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Would have been a good un next year.
Magnificent, and I don't even use the word magnificent. What an amazing deer, and a truly remarkable thing to happen to a hunter. Congratulations to Mr. Brewster. His feat is legendary.
You can't kill big deer with a bow!