Newton County Dove Shoot 9/27

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We are planning on hosting a dove shoot on Sunday morning 9/27 at our farm in between Social Circle and Mansfield. We currently have 50 acres of standing corn that will be harvested in the next couple of weeks as well as a 10 acre field of corn, sorghum, buckwheat, and millet that we mow for the doves every few days. We will start at legal shooting hours on the morning of 9/27. This property typically holds a large number of birds in late September and early October and I can’t wait to see what happens this year with all of the corn we have right now.

The price is $100 per gun for the morning or $150 for all day. This will be a family atmosphere where all women, children, and dogs are welcome. Safety is our main priority so space will be limited.

Text only please JR Landress at 770-639-5405 for more details and to reserve your blind. I will text you back ASAP.
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Hey everyone I just got back from Colorado and apologize for any delayed responses. The hurricane messed us up last week and the rest of the corn could not be harvested. It’s dried up pretty good now and it is supposed to be done today and and I’m going to check the field this afternoon. I will send out an update to everyone this evening.
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All of the corn has been harvested and the combine driver said the doves were swarming him. There were at least 200 birds in there yesterday when I went by and that was during harvest. I still have a few spots open so let me know if you are interested.