Next Project...TC Omega gets scoped. Pics Added. Want weird? You got it. Issue resolved.

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For my next muzzleloader trick, I am finally gonna put a scope on my Omega..

In the past, I have used it with irons, and I even used it with a Trijicon Mini Reflex. Worked great, killed a deer with it, even if it was quite the strange combo...

Gonna mount a US made Pentax Lightseeker 2-8x32, and sight her in a touch high at 100 yds. Gonna use T7 loose powder, about 90 gr. and good Ol' Hornady GP385s.

We'll see how a mix of old and new school works out.
Love my T/C Omega and have killed some good Georgia bucks with it over the years. Mine’s setup different than yours.

That scope is something special. The eye relief must be short of something?

Actually shot mine today.
If it works, it works...but I agree that looks crazily far back.

Love shooting the Omega! Good luck with it and the new combo
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After much consideration, and consternation, this scope is just too odd for use on this weapon.

The nature of the rearward mounting design of the Omega, and the forward turret of the Pentax, is a combo that just can not be made "right".

I'll be moving on to something else. Time to rummage thru the old scope collection for a new idea ...