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I live North of yee, but I have visited this site plenty in past, y’all have a lot of good stuff for a sportsman here. My Inlaws live in Georgia and I do visit time to time, so that’s my connection to y’all. We have about 100 acres here in East Kentucky, mostly woods and hills, plenty deer and turkey, and lately way too many coyotes. Dogs disappearing quite a bit. Anyhow I’ll be mostly reading here but wanted say Hi.

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My brother used to live in Frankfort. I miss hunting up there.


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Welcome, lived in Pike County as a boy. My family helped settle that country in the days of the wilderness trail.


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Welcome to the campfar. I'm in the Smokies, not too fur from ye.


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Welcome to the fire 🔥 Theys some here that are pretty good at trapping yotes. Read up and let us hear if you catch or shoot some of the nasty critters.
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Welcome, I moved back to ga from Kentucky. My oldest daughter and 3 grandchildren still live there. Will probably be back up there eventually. Probably around bowling green. It’s a really nice place to raise a family.