Nice little haul this morning

little rascal

Senior Member
Fished about 45 minutes, had to to get back home and cut grass. The wind was really bad too!
Took longer to get there and come home then time spent fishing! Well I duck hunt, I know how that goes!
Windshield time!


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Cap`n Jack 1313
Nice haul, Bro. Guess we'll be seeing then in the Cafe soon.

little rascal

Senior Member
Froze them, I need'ed to put some up. Gonna go back and get more. I got a frozen jug in the freezer says 5-21-21, got a little time left before they go deep again.

Hillbilly stalker

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First day after a full moon has always been good for me. Real nice haul there bud.(y)


Turkey Man
That is one awesome mess of fish! One of the most beautiful fish there is if you ask me. Biggest I’ve ever caught was in Phillipy Creek in Sarasota Fl…….1975?