NLA Quad State Qualifier Scores

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Here is the link to the NLA quad state qualfier scores. I also listed the fun shooters below. We will host another quad state qualifier on May 14th & 15th.

Qualifier Scores Club Reporting 2022 Template.xlsx

Here are the fun shooters. Thank you guys for coming out and shooting with us this weekend. You guys make this shoot possible, we really appreciate the support you continue to give.
David Parson
David Camp
Bubba Carter
Daniel La Tour
Shannon Payne
Kevin Ashley
Carter Ashley
Aimee Ashley
Ken Moseley
Perry Hughes
Chris Smith
Ray Hickman
John Scarbrough
Shelby Scarbrough
Aubrey Scarbrough
Lacey West
Kurtis West
Jordan Young
Belinda Hysinger
Alan Hysinger
Scott Powell
Connor Powell
Bobby Rhea
Jody Helms
Hank Boatwright