No.3 Traditions St.Louis Hawken Build

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Built this one for a friend of mine over the winter. Just went slow, enjoyed and took my time. I installed actual traditional sights ( not the plastic factory stuff ) a new Hotshot nipple & flash cup. Fully bedded the barrel and tang. She is rock solid!

The stock has a 600 grit finish, 10 coats of genuine oil, light faux maple stripes. All steel was slow rust browned. Brass was buffed back with a 800 grit scuffing pad and will be allowed to age naturally.

A hickory ramrod was also added to replace the factory derlin ramrod.



Nice work!


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Looks GREAT!!
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Yes it slips over the nipple threads and holds tight when the nipple is snugged down. HUGE help in keep the lock and stock clean of flash debris.
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Beautifully! I've only put 6 shots through her. I still have to get the owner to come over so we can sit down, shoot and file the front sight. If its anything like like rifle, she'll down game all day long.