no ears?

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about 10 days ago we caught a no eared 200lb boar off of hwy 57 in wilkinson county. well he don't look like much but it is amazing that 4 dogs that have countless 250-300lb hogs under their belt can take such a wooping. don't get me wrong we caught and rubbed up this critter,but them dogs still aint got over that battle. i got a running catch dog "waylon" that got 2 broke ribs. and my best dog "buck" a full blooded campbell cur looks kile he got run over by a train! if yall catch one of these critters or ur dogs have their way with the ears on one, do us all a favor and don't cut him back loss.:mad:


nice job..i agree if they dont have ears they dont stay...just makes for a headache and heartache..glad u got him and hope ur dogs get better quick..


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Hate that you got beat down buddy..just thankful it wasn't worse. Sometime we are lucky that ours will grab other things if there is no ears or tail. We have run across a few with missing parts of ears..and that is probably our fault as well by not getting to it sooner.
I agree, a genetic defect apparently happens. Me and Public Land Prowler got an earless hog a few years ago. They hadn't been ripped off, they were never there. It had no ear canals either, it was just smooth skin where they should be. It was kind of creepy but neat.
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Yeh yall maybe right about the birth defects. But I dont think they're missing half a tail too just by mistake on mother natures part.and their gonades all scared up also.


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I don't think the ones we hunt with cares if it has ears or not..they going to tear something up or off of it. I have seen them grab a little higher than the nads, nads, all down the sides, hams, and front legs. Anybody know where we can get some gritty dogs:D