No more Goody's Powders . . .

Excedrin and Goody's are both highly addictive and cause damage if abused. They're made for temporary pain relief. The addictive nature causes the problems
I would agree with the addictive nature of these powders. My brother worked with a guy who couldn't look at one without taking it. If he saw one in your truck, he would ask for it.
I would assume it's the caffeine in them that causes the addictive nature.
Maybe just drink more coffee and realize that you don't need a powder or pill every day. Regardless of what's in the pill or powder.

The answer is temporary pain relief. Beyond that one may need to get their liver enzymes monitored if taking a lot of NSAIDs or other OTC pain meds.

That being said it's easy to get in a rut or mental addiction of thinking you need a powder or pill on a daily basis. If you see one and believe you need it? You may have a problem.
If you automatically take one in the morning, you may have a problem.

I tend to get in that rut occasionally and have to check myself.
My gastro told me to quit taking them. I still take a few a week for headaches. Supposed to be taking xtra strength tylenol only


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About a year ago my friend's wife came home one Saturday around lunch time to find him passed out on the floor. It seems for the past 15-20 years he took a Goody's every morning, out of habit as much as anything, and they finally ate holes in his stomach.

He passed out from internal bleeding. The wife called 911 and the emergency room doctor said that in another hour or maybe less he would have been dead.

My friend said Goody's took off the edge of any aches and pains and made him feel good. I have never taken one. Be careful if you do.


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Many years ago worked with a man who would open four, combine them into one and down the hatch, chase them down with a cola.
Quack, go see a Doctor. Dont let something they can help now, turn into something, that is harder to help. I speak from experience.