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EVERY year we have no shows. Let's give them til 3/17/2017 to show a post on the team thread before I combine teams to make a new team or find some who wants to play.

Please post on your team thread. Get to know your team mates. Make sure everyone on your team understands the rules & knows how to take proper clear pictures.
Choose a team leader. Post your picture in the team thread 1st or send picture by text to each other.
It never hurts to double check.

I will add to this as needed.

TEAMS ;-( Post your missing players in this thread. We will send PM’s to try and get them


This thread is open for conversation !
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if you need an another to fill up a team let me know missed the sign up this year.
As of today the No Shows are!!


Team 18

Guys Check In With Your TeamMates. Tomorrow is last Day to Check in.
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I aint ever killt one of them mean ole gooblers except fer once on accident i did like kmac and hitem with my truck but i sure does luv to get in the woods and tell them yawt yawt stories. thats why i hate i missed the opportunity to join this challenge with you fellers
sorry i missed the check, had a family emergency is it still to late?