North Ga this weekend

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Was just wondering if everything was still blown out. We were trying to stay around turners corner area but maybe try a few other spots closer to buford area.


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Creeks are coming down this week. Supposed to rain Friday, but I don't know how much. There'll be fishable water somewhere.
There is still a good bit of water around here but if you go to some of the small, higher elevation streams you should be able to find some good fishing. Good chance of rain Thursday and Friday but clearing for the weekend.
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I’m thinking headwaters or small wild streams. Thought about Buford dam but have to see if they’re pulling water.
Everything is high and muddy here. Also below freezing this morning with snow flurries.
That's a good mess of fish! Looks like one non-doughbelly there, too.
I didn’t do as well. Started at smith creek DH and had 4 snap my line. Taking 4 of my favorite flies. Haha. Went to upper smith creek and had one swipe at a dry fly a few times and nothing. Hit s few other area with no luck.
We hit a few creeks here close to the house on Cohutta. That's rough having that many snap your line. You could about use a length of rope for leader and tippet as much water that's in the creeks right now. The last few weeks a #14 Adam's has been good late evenings, but it's hard to beat nymph's and wets right now.