North Georgia Traditional Archery Club - February 3-D Shoot


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North Georgia Traditional Archery

Monthly 3-D Shoot

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Well, our 3-D season got underway last month and we’re off to a great start. We had forty-four folks come out for that shoot and we had a great meal on New Year’s Day! Saturday, February 5 will be your next opportunity to come out and get yourself involved in the fun that is traditional archery. We are here for you and planning on a great time. All we need to make the plans a reality is you.

We will set 20 targets in the woods at varying distances from a single stake. Shoot from the stake or from any point you desire between the stake and the target, depending on your level of confidence in your shooting ability. The course will be adequately marked so it will be easy to find your way around. Better yet, shoot with someone who is familiar with our layouts and make a new friend. Shoot the course as many times as you’d like for one low price.

Shoot fees – Unchanged since who knows when?
Members - $5.00 per shooter
Family of three or more - $15.00
Non-members - $10.00
Family of three or more - $25.00
Kids under 12 years of age shoot free.
First time shooters at our club shoot free.

Lunch will be available for a $5 per person donation. Soft drinks and bottled water will be available for those who eat lunch with us.

NOTE: All shooters must register at the registration table upon arrival.

At the North Georgia Traditional Archery Club, we define traditional archery equipment to include longbows, recurve bows, and primitive bows.
Please, no compound bows, crossbows, or any equipment that does not fit our definition of traditional bows. Loaner bows and arrows are available for anyone who doesn’t have their own equipment.


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this is tomorrow ? ... all ready. well as someone once said... you gotta bring it
with you, cause you ain't gonna find it when you get there.


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Kudos to the target set-up team... challenging & realistic hunting shots w/ some
fun shots too. no arrows lost, lol.


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We had a fine day last Saturday. Forty-six shooters, many first timers and two new members singed on with us. My thanks to those who came early and stayed late to help with the targets. I appreciate their help more than they'll ever know. And, thanks to the forty-six who came and shot. Y'all are the reason that we do it.


I hate that I missed it, but a house full of COVID kept me home in the interest of not infecting anyone. I hope this is going to be the theme of the season, because I really like the shoots!