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Update from the Hooch side of the lake north of Browns Bridge:

Last month I started a thread on here about catching Stripers at night. Many forum members chimed in a gave a lot of great advice. Also, I got to meet and learn from one of the forum members that was gracious enough to show me how it's done. In the last month or so I have boated 29 which is more that I caught all of last year.

This forum gets on my nerves sometimes when people get way too serious or just plain stupid. However, this forum can be a great tool to learn and gather info. If you are one of the guys that gave advice then this thread is for you. These pics are some of the bigger fish. 16 year old caught the biggest fish on a silver broken back Red Fin.
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Night time stripes are a great time. Congratulations on your success.


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Awesome catches. I keeps saying I'm going to try the night bite on allatoona, yet to do it though. Gotta believe there have to be aome hungry fiah out there too, but never hear anyone mention it.

Lots of great folks on this forum for sure. Like the one that pulled my pontoon off a big rock up the river today - mattkelley - thanks
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I did want to add that it is still a tough sport. Friday night we boated 10 all of which were under 10 pounds. Saturday night we only boated one very small fish. It was the only activity we saw all night. Not even another bite. Wasted a lot of dollars running and checking different spots found a few fish but they just didn't want to play that night. I guess that's why they call it fishing and not catching.

Also, I wanted to chime in following JC's post about driving without lights and being safe. Friday night visibility was very good and I thought I could see from one end of the lake to another. We were leaving a no wake area and ran over the top of the no wake marker. Three people in the boat and no one saw until we hit it. Turn your lights on, wear a safety vest, and be careful. The night visibility will play tricks with your mind. One last thing. The guy running on plane in a center console with a T Top and no lights is an idiot!