Northern lights


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Very very cool!

I saw them a few times growing up in Wisco. I distinctly remember one night when I was a teenager drinking beer with my buddies in my dad's shed while it was snowing. I stumbled outside to relieve myself and looked up. It was no longer snowing. It was a very light, fluffy type of snow that glistens and sparkles when it reflects light. I looked up and it was crystal clear, it was a plethora of blue and green, and it was actually reflecting off the snow in the moonlight. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and doubt I'll ever get to see again... My buddy actually called his mother at like 1:00 in the morning to wake her up and tell her lol. We got busted for underage drinking but it was worth it!


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Amazing! I actually saw them once from our homeplace in WV. Very dark night and the northern sky flickered with blue / green flashes of light for a few minutes.

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Now that's something I've always wanted to see in person.