northern montana

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I have a contractor ive been working with for over ten yrs . I don't see him but a couple times a year n every time we work together hes always inviting me out to his place 60 miles from the Canadian line. Anyone hunted whitetail in that area I know they have mule deer. Just something im putting on the list never been west of bama.


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I have hunted white tail outside Libby, MT. IIRC Libby is 60-100 miles from Canadian border. Big woods and steep in areas. Not enough agriculture to support large herds, but the deer that are there are big bodied and pretty decent antlers. In a week long hunt I saw two shooters. The one I took was about 130 and had pretty decent mass.
I enjoyed it and would recommend, but it isn’t easy hunting.


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Can’t ask for any prettier country. Go see it!
Its pretty country, my Mom lived for 8 years in Whitefish and we drove northward and ate in Fernie Canada. Mom lived on the Whitefish River and I slayed em' out there with a Panther martin.
It would be a dream to hunt NW Mt but the trout fishing is good so I would do both.
Humbling Montana story, 30 years ago driving in my Moms borrowed station wagon my wife and I are cruising around sightseeing, its snowing with roads packed snow and also some ice on the roads, wife nagging me to slow down, suddenly a car appears around a curve also riding the center of the road...I slide over a few feet to correct into my lane and begin what seemed like a 2 minute slow mo slide down into a 8 ft deep snow bank gully on the side of the road. We knock on the door of the home nearby, the folks happen to be from Marietta Ga., a wrecker pulls me out in short order, not a mark on the car. Return car with somewhat straight face. Later drove same car up "going to the sun road" to the continental divide @ Logan Pass at much slower speeds.
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thanks for replies he said his sons get some nice deer and his grandson shot an elk this year. I got on google earth n cruised around the area really nice country. There is a blackfoot reservation near by also lots of so called trading posts.
Go for it, there are some big WTs in the valleys out there.

The reservation is quite the experience. I used to hit their ponds for trouts. Those are some tough people..


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I've only been to southwest Montana, but anywhere in that state is beautiful as far as I'm concerned, in my opinion the trip would be worth it even if you don't bag anything !