Not a GA bear but my first bear

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I did not kill this one in GA but it was my first bear and wanted to share it. I killed it in Virginia on a WMA. We were deer hunting and this walked up me. Shot him at 15 yards with a T/C Omega muzzleloader. He weighed 573 pounds, measures 80 inches from nose to base of tail, 33.5 inches around his neck, and 60 inches around his chest. I am having a full body mount done, can't wait to get him back!!!


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Thats a great bear. We got friends up there in the mountains that invited us up this past season for an archery hunt and we could not go. They got 3 bears for 3 hunters...LOTS of bears in the mountains up there! Thats one of the biggest i have seen though. Congrats!
Wow, thats a hugh Black Bear

I would get a full body mount too. He is fantastic with a great coat too. Congrads.


He's been hitting some dumpsters!!
That is an absolute whopper. There aren't many bigger than that one running around.


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Great bear, congrats and make sure you post the mount
X2.......I cant wait to see that! Man what a BRUTE!!