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I live in the part of Jasper County that got hit by the recent storm. We had 21 trees down in “the yard”. And probably double that on the remainder of our 9 acres. 6 down in a 50x50 dog pen. 1 hot the house with minimal damage. 20’ of gutter, a beat and battered metal roof, and an outside pane of glass on a double pane window.

The wife, kids, and dogs made it to our safe room in the barn like they knew to. I was just getting home with no knowledge of just how close the storm was. Looking for them, the tip top of the tree (that hit the house) would’ve got me had it not been for the house. We are extremely blessed to all be in good health with the minimal damage we have. Many of our neighbors didn’t fare so well, but all are safe and in good spirits. With only 1 lady having been injured, locally, when her car was hit by a tree.

I relaxed after the storm while emergency crews attended to the road and wires. I was fueling chainsaws by flashlight Friday am, getting started. And been at it ever since. (With the exception of giving thanks and praise Sunday morning for a hour or so.) We had a generator going by lunch Friday, so all our food was saved. Some of the lesser hit have pooled together resources, cooking for the others and the emergency crews.

Power came on after 3 full days. Cell service is back. And I can catch upon GON’s political memes thread for some laughs. All is well here.

I come here asking for nothing, as we were truly blessed through all this. But there was a lineman, 32 year old Jesse Maxwell, that was killed when he was hit by a limb Friday night. He leaves behind a young wife and 4 children, ages 4 to 11. Please keep them in your prayers. A GoFundMe account has been set up for them, I will link to it below. I ask those that are willing and able, to give just a little bit. Until you are in this situation it”s hard to imagine. These linemen and DOT crews are every bit the heroes that police and fire are. The little steps that help make towards normalcy are celebrated.