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I have been thinking about it. I am not fond of all of the laws in regards to deer hunting. You know the old saying. "Fences make great nieghbors". Get me a big real estate sign that reads. High Fence! Coming soon! We can put that black felt on the inside of the chain link so you can't see inside. Green will blend better. I'll use green. As long as the nieghbors are ok with the fence, we can just focus on the color. Distract them. Turkey, dove, and duck can come and go freely from the sky. But deer will be special! Thats my crop! My heard! Get us some deer seed from Texas and grow our own. We can charge big money for yall to hunt! Rocking chairs on every head! Put em on the book of faces and on your forums. Offer the hunt of a lifetime! Or I may just keep them for myself and line em up in my office for your viewing pleasure. We can sell the fawn babies!

Did you know that a new farmer here in Georgia is considered a minority for 2 years! It's true. We should be able to cull a deer or process it whenever we want too. Bunch a cattle! Same thing! They gotta eat! Rotate the feed sites to keep it clean. Wash out my feeders weekly. Every penny that I spent will be tax deductible as part of the expenses for "the farm".

They wouldn't even expect a minority like me to make any money for atleast 2 years. Be dang close to a non profit structure really. Maybe I will get a free education. Finally! I can only get but so far on the 8th grade diploma and my GED status. Having good work ethic is dead!

I can have my own private wildlife oasis just for me. Then I can be free! I can do whatever I want to do. Like a farmer protecting his crops.

You do you! I'll do me! We can all be free. One big happy family!

I may can buy your place later if I make enough money. Repeat my success at your place. Good money in Real estate! Then I can start my own real estate business too. Bury the profits at the farm. Or I mean... At the farms. plural! I got 2 farms now!

Next we can start gobbling up deer leases with the real estate company. Only buy lands with mining rights on them in bulk and not tell people about it when we try to sell them.

Only the big deer leases though! Because thats all that really pays well in leasing. We will let you club members stay for atleast 3 years as long as the roads and food plots grow yearly. Club president better hit growth goals in improvements! Or he will have to pay his own dues. We may form a comittee to fire him. That way its not us that are the bad guys. When you members get the land just right we will kick you out! Bring in big money like a construction company that needs a tax write off. Maybe my own real estate company can lease it from my farm? Thats smart! Need a Plantation or lodge for this to work. Build that too! Somewhere for contractors to get drunk and chase trashy local women around. Kennels for the dogs!

You can try to look for another lease. Good luck. We got a volume deal with the paper companies and timber management folks. Not much is available anymore. All the timber guys are after is the wood! Leases only cover taxes! Money is in the wood and acreage.

Better to lease all the big properties out to one party that we have a good working relationship with. I said "we". Look at that! I'm in the timber business now Yall! Rolling!

Time to start raping loggers and working deals at the mill. They are at 70% production because of the dang labor shortages. Of course the owners sold out after ppp covid package payouts and record profits! I would imagine the new owners are in debt with inflation and record high fuel cost. They may prefer to operate at 70% capacity and high margins keeping prices high at the home stores. I could mill my own wood! Cut em out! Or better. Invest in the buyout. Become part owner of the mill. Thats smarter! Pointless though. Depots shelves are empty while thier yards are packed slammed full. Not thier fault though. Driver shortages yall! drivers for Lowes make bank! We lost a few to them. But they can't get drivers? I gotta stay focused here.

Back to my operations! If I put all of my timber holdings and farms in a trust I can manage it better. Protect it! I better learn to manage wealth to make good investments. The trust will get me in with the banks and investment firms. They will probably help me fund some of my operations too. Partner with me! Did you know that Banks are primarily funded through trust departments. It's true! Real-estate funds are the primary earnings for major banks short of selling out. If I became a higher up at the bank I can buy more timber properties, shopping centers, and farms before they go on the market. Get em cheap! Then put them back into the trust for the bank to manage.

I will definitely sell you deer urine! Apple bait too! That's for sure. Did you know DEF is actually horse urine. It's true. Those plastic jugs and batteries all end up somewhere one day. But that's better than the evil gas motors. Ahhhhh! I could use farm grade diesel to pull my camper now. Have my own tanks! At the farms! Buy it from those arabians I seen at the race tracks! I'll start a racing team too! Burn that money on fuel like corn liquor in a bootlegging car! Now your talking! I'm gonna be a farmer! City boy to a farm boy! High fence coming soon! I like it. I'll only buy and sell the best and sweetest apple baits? Drive fancy trucks! Do it right!

Where do we draw a line in the sand and say that something is just not ethical? Who draws the line in the sand? Us? The government? What makes you better than me? if I did decide to do this. Freedom! We all want freedom! Pretty tired of watching the world fall apart. No one speaks up! I have been through the ringer with a lifetime of hunting. How's that for socially acceptable? Put your mask on! Be quiet! Here is what I think of your mask. I never got Covid-19! That's because I never took your vaccines! Squatted trucks and mullets are the new norm. Life goes on.

Just fun to think about. Deer hunting. Not what it used to be. Who would you blame? Me? News flash yall. Big money today was shooting deer off of corn piles back in the 80s for fun when it was still illegal. Coming up with ideas to make money off of doing what they love to do. Freedom! The American dream. Why not just say it. How it is. Play the game! Or don't. Might as well make everyone angry. Someone has to speak up at some point.

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It would appear that corn use has been diverted to the copper pot posse. How are your fingers not bleeding after that post? :huh:::ke: