Observation Sit


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been doing it for a long time. sometimes I call myself coyote hunting:). but, yes, as long as I don't educate something it kinda helps get it out of my system so to speak. how 'bout you?
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I was thinking about doing it on some new property this year. Never tried doing it before. Was curious how it worked out for you guys in the past.


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To hot for me. ๐Ÿ˜
Not so much on that front but especially on public I like to set out a line of mock scrapes anywhere around areas of concentrated buck sign to try to take stock of what is roaming the woods in a particular area. Once I find an area with a decent or multiple bucks showing up regularly I like to refresh those mocks specifically up to bow season for when they begin to split up. Then i will come back through & try to pick a fight with whichever buck decides to lay claim to said area in particular to try & **** him off. To want to come looking for a fight with the intruder.