Obsidian Doe


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did the point break? All three of the obsidian points I've killed deer with, the points broke. But all three were killed and recovered.

Beautiful bow, I like those skins on it. I shoot one with Texas Diamondback skins on it. Haven't been able to find any smaller Eastern Diamondback skins.

The raw Texas Pedernales cherts make a very sharp and strong point.
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lagrangedave: I knapped the point. I started knapping in January and am addicted.

dtala: The point penetrated through the deer about 12 inches and came off of the arrow at some point, so I'm not sure if it broke. I bound the point with sinew but still lost it.


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Cool story !

Hunting with that self- bow and cane arrow says a lot !!!! 😀😀😀 VERY IMPRESSIVE !!


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Our European ancestors were shooting deer with bows and arrows long before the Indians in North America were.
You have to be quiet when your poaching the kings deer.:bounce: