Ocmulgee WMA camping???

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Hey guys I'm going down to ocmulgee wma in February for hog. Does anyone know if there is a campground on the wma? I cant seem to find anything on the website. I saw a campground at oaky woods but would like to be on the east side of the river thanks


Behind the seed orchard is one of the best places to kill a hog on Ocmulgee. Better have 4wd as it can be a tad rough to ge back there.
Anyone know if the gate at the railroad tracks is open?
Depends on the water level. They try to close it when the river is up or rising. Folks have went down there on a rising river and got their trucks flooded out. You may be able to call the check station and ask.


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Completely agree.
Actually have a friend that got caught up in the rising water at oak woods on down deep road. He said it came up real quick. From the time he noticed it a hundred or so yards away coming towards him till he climbed down and got to his truck. Which was parked about 200 yards in the opposite direction, the water had made it to his truck that quickly
what's safest way in w/a camper? I went one time only in my truck, in from Westlake road I think and it was 4x4 most of the way. I can't imagine w/a camper.