Oconee WMA dogs missing


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Hey- we had 2 of our blue ticked beagles go missing in oconee wma today 2/25. We were near the dove field on liberty church road. Wasnt sure if anyone happened to be out today and saw them or if you hunt in the area and see them please let us know. Thank you.


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Thats some good news at least....hoping brownie shows up!


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Any update on Brownie? He looks like a old boy, sure hope someone finds and returns him.


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That sucks. Hope you or someone finds him.
I would be back daily and put out food around where you put them out, maybe it will return to that place.
Or maybe take a dog it knows and go for a walk and maybe get it to bark, may hear or smell it an come to it.
How far away did you find the other?


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That’s GREAT news! Thanks for the update!