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I have heard similar noises but there is a ready source for that sort of noise in my area aside from Walnuts. We have lots of granite mines in the area. Blasting underground produces this sort of a sound and sometimes a light but noticeable shock wave.
I’ve heard that kind of noise in the woods not far from a quarry in dekalb county. This was a rumble under foot. Like giant rocks rubbing together. I mini earth quake if you will. Don’t recall hearing a bag of flower dropped from a tree though
I have never heard a rumbling. I am about 18 miles from the nearest quarry.


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I have never heard the noise described in the woods. Closest thing I have ever experienced is dead tree limbs falling. I have had a couple to scare the carp out of me because they were close.

One thing I do know, my daughters pet rabbit will thump the bottom of its hutch every morning when she goes out to feed her. It is a pretty solid thump for something so little.


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When I was hunting in my home state of West Virginia I would hear something that sounded like that. I was told it was a grouse drumming its wings.

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I think its roots popping underground. I've heard and felt it several times on one particular tree I sit at. Can feel the ground move a little at the base of the tree when it happens.