Odds on William Shatner?


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You just know at some point in the trip he's going to look out a window and go Twilight Zone saying "there's something on the wing some.....thing....on the wing!" :LOL:


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I Wouldn't be very interested in being a space tourist just to take what feels like an airplane ride up to 100,000 feet.

Heck, a guy parachuted out of a balloon at something like 123,000 feet!

Now if we could do one or two orbits around the earth, and especially do it in pressurized space suits and maybe open the roof of the convertible spacecraft and have our helmets exposed to the deep black void of space... THAT would be "in space" to me.
I was lucky enough to have friends in high / low places that got me a "tourist hop" on a U-2 back in the day. We only got... well.. somewhere around 2/3rds as high as he's going, just to the edge of space. Wore my neck out trying to see everything I could, but when I looked up and "tried" to take in the view I was seeing all I could think of is "Higher.... higher... just a little higher!" IF I had the where with all to take the trip he's going on, I'd be there in a heartbeat.


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They're get'n on board now... won't be long.

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Just watched the launch and they're about to get them out of the capsule now. Pretty cool to watch. That thing was moving!