Of entanglements and freedoms

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The following analogy from Phelim Doherty in his book, The Father We Never Knew, is so vivid and true.

“The Greek word translated here as ‘entangled’ is based on the picture of being ensnared. The danger of a snare is found in its deceptive appearance. It looks insignificant and yet can inflict fatal damage.

“As a vet I would sometimes treat animals who have been caught in a snare and often they would have to be put to sleep. In its simplest form, a snare is a loop of wire or strong string that closes around the neck or limb of an animal as it runs through it. It may not look very threatening, but the more the victim struggles to get free of a snare, the tighter the noose cuts into it.

“Put a small loop of wire beside a strong animal and it looks no match for its strength. It looks insignificant, but the cruel thing about a snare is that it is not the strength of the snare that kills the animal. It is the strength of the animal, for what tightens the snare is the struggle of the victim. The more it uses its own strength to try and get free, the tighter it is caught in the snare’s hold.

“Multitudes of people across different faith systems and even across Christian churches are caught in the snare of religion; the little idea that we can get more from God by behaving better. Once caught in this snare, people can struggle for a lifetime, repeatedly offering up to God the strength of their devotions to him, not realizing that their best efforts to earn something from him are like the struggles of the animal in the snare. All their efforts are doing is choking the effect of the grace of God in their lives (Galatians 5:4).

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Devotion due love is not a snare. To love God with all your heart and mind is not a snare. Most people that I know are not into getting more from God, they are into being with God. For many that is what being religious is. Most people want more time with God, not more God.

The idea that we can get more from God by behaving better as the great crime of religious folk, seems to be an exaggerated strawman. I have not taken a poll however.

I know of no serious Christians that claim that we are saved by works. I know many Christians that are devoted to God and to be devoted servants of the Church. They are not in it to earn girl guide points in the chocolate bar drive.

If pastors suggest prayers and readings and scripture to individual members of their flocks it is not so they can earn merits, it is mostly that they can settle for themselves with the suggestions--- what is their love and devotion towards God.

So for me, but I might be wrong, the entanglement is in the winding of straw not in the religious.
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