Of noteable weakness and abundant favor

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A good one from Rob Coscia:

I wrote this prayer for myself, but if it resonates with you, find a quiet spot and read it out loud to yourself. Listen for God to speak to your heart, then read it again in the confidence of his presence.

"Jesus, I know you love me perfectly and constantly. I want to learn more about what that means, and to know you more every day. Your love has redeemed my soul, and heals my body, mind, and heart. No matter what’s going on around me, I can love myself and love others because you have always loved me.

You are my king, my best friend, and my heavenly father. I am who you say I am, and I’m becoming who you say I can be. My identity in you isn’t a slave to the judgments, expectations, or opinions of others. My past teaches me, but doesn’t define me. My story is yours, and yours is mine.

I am living at the right time, and for an eternal purpose. Each day is an opportunity to receive and give away ever-increasing measures of your love, grace, joy, peace, confidence, wisdom, goodness, kindness, healing, and power. Starting now."