off to KY...from the tree updates

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Jim Thompson

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Me and bubbabuck are rolling through nashville on the way to kentucky for a late season ML hunt and it looks like we left the good deer huntin weather @ home. It was 37 when we left and its 48 now:( does not look like the best weather this week but we will be in a tree no matter what. Hoping bubbabuck's luck is as good as its been for the last 2 years. His last 3 bucks total 475" and he is looking for more! Will get with yall later.


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I cound not, in good conscience, bet against Bubba. Not even for a single $.;)


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Good luck guys!


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I think it's great you help Bubbabuck out by reducing his trip by $1! Shows what kind of friend you are JT.:crazy:


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you should know better than bet with Bubbabuck ....:bounce:

hope ya'll kill a bigun ....

post up some tree stand pix while your waitin' on a bigun' ....
shimmy up those Blue Grass trees and get to typin Jimbo. I'm ready for some updates. Good luck to you boys and be SAFE. Holler at us soon. I'm rootin for ya'll.


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Like Dutchman, I am loathe to bet against Bubbabuck, but this year just might be your "braggin' rights" year. Best of luck to the both of you.
Good luck guys. I was up there last week and I left you a couple. I hope to make at least one more trip up this season. Keep us updated.