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Thanks for the thread..we enjoyed reading it..Dont worry about eating that Kentucky Tag Sandwich..I ate one myself this year from Kentucky...But then i Chased it with a Kansas and a Missouri Tag Sandwich for dessert...Its all about the hunt and you killed a beautiful 10 pt in Illinois..Bubba is just a better hunter thats all:bounce::bounce:Congrats again to Bubba on a great season once again..
Thanks JT for entertaining all of us at work, it is great to feel like we're out there with you and you do a great job of keeping us in suspense... Awesome buck Bubba:yeah: Let me know when you run out of room to hang those deer heads, I have plenty of room on my walls and I'll be glad to help you out:bounce: I'd rather read "From the Tree Updates" than "As the Woody's turns" any day :rolleyes:


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Thanks folks !!!!.......WOW what a year !!!!!!!.....Wish I could explain it , but I guess it just goes back to pure talent !:bounce::bounce:.....When I looked up and saw this last beast walking across an open corn field at 1 pm I thought you have to be kidding.....theres no way I went ahead and shot him anyway !!....( yep....he was walking straight towards JT about 800 yds away ) You know I would have let him go if I thought he would have continued to him !!:rofl::rofl:
Its been a great year and would have been much better if JT and my Dad had had the same good fortune !......Man....Cant wait till next year.....come on Turkey season !!:cool:

PS.....I may be taking applications for a hunting partner for next year ?.....Must be able to pull the trigger !!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
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see that is ALMOST...REAL CLOSE to being wrong!

I am just more selective than you:D

Gary its been a great 13 months for sure. come on 08!

I do tend to shoot the first one I see and ground check um !!:cool::cool:......Whew....Im just glad he wasn't a spike !:hair:
Bubba and Jim,

Congrats on taking some wall hangers this year. Woody is going to have to give ya'll a payment book!:hair: