Official 2010-2011 Handgun Hunting Challenge Kill Thread


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nice deer Darrell H. i know you are proud of that one.

man, we are so far behind now, we would have to have a slaughter to catch up.

i shot one doe with the 500 but couldn't find her--go figure that one :hammers:

anyway sorry atlroach i had to shoot one with the rifle fri afternoon. it was a big 11 and just a little far for me to feel comfortable with with the hand cannon. didn't have but a few seconds and he was gonna be gone anyway.

i guess now i can put the rifle back up and at least try to keep us from getting skunked:bounce:


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Here's another one for team #2

Team : # 2

Date : 12-11-10

Time : 8:00 am private land

Weapon : T/C Contender 357 Max

Ammo : My handloads 180gr ssp & Win 296

Sex : Doe / Button head

Had to stay close to home so I have a friend who has some property in Paulding county . I set up my blind at 5:30 am overlooking 2 trails coming into the area I was in and at 8:00 am I could hear them walking thru the leaves toward my area. When I located them I started counting heads coming thru the woods . A total of seven was counted and when one stopped long enough to get my scope on it I shot . After that one ran off I sat for a while to make sure he was expired and at 10 mins the deer started coming back and I got my second shot but missed clean . This was my first self portrait and it took me 15 mins to figure out how to set up my digital camera for this.

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Nice job Kirk.

The points are on the board.

Well, you boys better get to killing some deer, cuz we have a tie going right now.


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Thanks HuntFan sorry about the long time to reply . My lease is in the northern zone and I went and did my best this weekend but saw no deer, so thats it for me ! I dont know of any southern zone WMAs that I could make a weekend run to or any friends that have any land in the zone:cry:

Darrell H

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Team: #5

Date: 1-2-2011

Time: 5:30 P.M.

Weapon Used: 209 X 50 Contender

Ammo Used: 70 grains Blackhorn 209/240 grain, 44 caliber Remington JSP in a Hornady sabot

Sex of Deer (# of points if buck): Boar

Hunt Details: Was slipping through the woods hunting for hogs today when I spotted this one about twenty yards away. There was a large pine tree between us and he vanished behind the tree. I kept waiting for him to step out from behind the tree but I looked down and realized that I was standing in the trail that he was walking on. When he finally emerged from behind the tree, I shot him in his left shoulder at 10 feet!