Official 2010-2011 Sign-up thread

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All right guys and gals! It is that time of year again.

This is the official sign-up thread.

Here are the rules:


* Members must show what weapon they'll be using prior to the opener of gun season.

* Any member taking a deer with their handgun must attach a picture of that deer, with them and their handgun in the picture. A kill submission must be posted within 5 days of the kill.
- The only exception of this rule will be for those participants who will be hunting outside of GA prior to the start of Georgia’s muzzleloader deer season. For those participants, you must notify me that you will be hunting outside of GA and will have to submit pictures of your kill to me within one week of returning to GA. I will then post it on the kill thread when the challenge opens.
* The challenge will run from Oct 9th (muzzleloader opener) until January 15th (close of S. Zone). You may enter ONE animal prior to Oct 9th if you take an animal outside of GA or take a Hog. Those entries must be handled as explained above.


Scoring will be as follows:

GA Bucks = 5 points plus the number of points X2 (Example: A six point buck would score 17 points.

GA Does = 10 points

Non-GA Deer/Any other Big Game animal = 10 points. Only one Non-GA deer/any other Big Game animal may be entered per participant.

Hogs = 1 point. Only 5 hogs per participant may be entered.

No points for coyotes, but there may be a prize for yotes shot during the challenge if I can come up with something.


Teams will be drawn from a hat. The sign-up deadline is Oct. 1st. Any member saying "I'm in", I'll PM them my address so that they can mail me their entry fee. Each member replying with "I'm in" I'll add their name, in red, to the "Folks that are participating". Once I have received their entry fee, I'll change their name under the "Folks that are participating" heading to green - which will show their money has been received and that they are good to go. At the end of the deadline, all paid members names will be put into a hat and names drawn for teams. Teams will be announced shortly after the deadline.


Each participant will pay an entry fee of $20. After all have paid, I'll put the money back and split it on a Cabela's Gift Certificate to each winning team-mate. Or, a money order -- whichever is preferred.


And, as much as it pains me, I must add something. Anyone caught cheating, such as shooting a deer with a rifle and then posting it up here as a handgun kill, will be tossed out of the challenge and your entry fee will be forfeit. Your partner will be assigned to another team unless it is found that he/she is complicit in your cheating. I will have the final say in any matter of suspected cheating.

We do this for fun and it is meant as such. So, be safe and have fun.
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This post will be used to track entries:

Signed Up:

R.S. Lampkin
bloodhound hunter

Folks that are participating:

specialk & son
Darrell H
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Here are the guns I will be hunting with this year:

Traditions Buckhunter Pro in .45 caliber (muzzleloading pistol)

T/C Contender G2 with MGM 7-30 Waters barrel and Weaver 2-8X scope

T/C Contender with a 6.5JDJ barrel and Burris 3-9X scope


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me and my son are in as usual, i'll post up pics of our guns.....t/c .41 mag(his) ruger super blackhawk .44 mag(mine) me or post an addy for the entry fees.....


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sign me up i'll be using
T/C 7-30 waters simmons scope
T/C 30-30 winchester simmons scope
T/C 44 mag simmons scope


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I'm in again

sign me back up again this year.

i'll be using the same 30-30 contender as last year.

will post pics of it later


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I'm in as well this year.

I'll post pics of my rigs later when i find my cam.

T/C Contender 357 Max

Striker in 7WSM.
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I'll get in this year. I'll be using either the 44 mag superblackhawk (below) or a S&W 500 with a 4x leupold scope (don't have any pics of it yet, but when i do i'll put in up).



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i'll give it a go
with a Glock .40 cal and a Ruger SBH ss

neither have glass