Official 2015-2016 Deer kill Thread


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Heck yeah! Can't wait to see this thread blow up in a few short weeks!


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KY success

After one of the most emotionally draining weeknds of my life I was able to get to the stand Monday afternoon for my first sit of the season. After sending a few texts, i got out my bood and set back to enjoy a quiet, relaxing but warm afternoon in the stand.

I was set up in a bottom between two clearcut ridges that feeds in to a standing corn field. I have had some pictures of some great deer using this are to include one very nice buck. After a short while i saw a spike headed toward me from the field, he work his way in slowly, i then noticed another deer behind him. An awesome looking 8 that i am not sure i have pictures of still in full velvet. Long storey short he workd to within 15 yrd, the small buck was now almost directly under me. I was able to draw, settle the pin and let the rage head eat. perfect shot and he went down withing site. I was headed back to the truck within 80 min of leaving it. so its doe patrol in ky until IL opens up in a month



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I'll get this one started once again...

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Nice thread! All great deer so far, keep them coming :)
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9/15/15 Twiggs co Obsession Evolution Bi-polar 125gr green score 137" should be my 1st PY after the drying period.!