***Official 2016 Turkey Challenge Trash Talking Thread****


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I would be happy if a 5 pointer would just come in.That QTM better start paying off. Hard to let them jakes walk.facepalm:


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Why has the challenge gone down so much over the last few years? It was a big deal 5 or 6 years ago.
I think there are several reasons.

1. Members get frustrated every year about a teammate that they feel does not pull their weight, participate enough, try hard enough, etc...

2. Every year there are members that say they will not play unless they can pick teams.

3. Do to forum rules and calls makers having to post in other areas and with limitations there are drastically less donations provided as prizes each year.

All in all these are just a few. The first year I played was 2008. There were 96 teams with 3 members per team. 288 members in total, of which 181 didn't enter a single turkey 62%. 27 teams had no turkey's entered. A few years back improvements were made to curtail the people just signing up and not participating. From post counts to entry fees the number of members signing up has decreased but the competition has become closer. Last year there were 12 teams with 5 members per team. 60 members in total, of which 10 didn't enter a single turkey 16%. All Teams had at least one bird entered!

I feel that the changes have made the challenge more competitive. With that said if anyone has any ideas post them up and I'm sure the new head honcho will consider them.


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IF you guys wanted to pull back some of the old favorites of years past I believe you could do so by offering a way for a player to pick one guy they want to be teamed with. Maybe add a $5 extra fee for this. Keep 4 man teams for sure! That way a guy could get a current buddy on his team from the start. Much easier to get fired up about the contest when your best buddy is on your team IMO. The other 2 players for that team can be determined based on everyones prior harvest success. I think 4 man picked teams should be left to other forums, I like meeting new people but then again never had a teammate that didn't give his all, that would have to be frustrating!

Good luck and thanks for your time Gator8em...you'll have your hands full Im sure!


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One of the negatives and positives has been random draw members. I have met a lot of people through the contest that have brought many different things to my life. It would not affect me either way if we chose or still did random selection.

I know personally the biggest thing that always caused issues for me was just the stress of taking perfect pictures to not let the team down. That is why I took last year off and it was a much more enjoyable season. With that being said I am considering playing this year just for fun. If I do I will try to take great pictures, but will not be as worried about it as I have in the past.


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I've only played 1 year but I enjoyed the heck out of it. I like the idea of the random draw of the teams because it spreads out the competition.Some of us have the luxury of hunting as much as we want and some that are good hunters hunt when they can.

I like the idea of the post count rule but I also see it in a different aspect. If someone has been a member for a certain # of years but doesn't meet the criteria for the # of post and they don't have any strikes against them then maybe they should be considered if they want to play. Not everyone stays on the computer like alot of us and only post from time to time but are good hunters and could contribute to a team. Just my thoughts on that.

Hunting is hunting and some us have more opportunity with time,hunting land and having the number of turkey available to harvest and sometimes we just have a bad season regardless.Anyone that feels that they can't give 100% to the competition then they shouldn't enter.If any of my team members put forth the effort and just can't make it happen then I don't fault them or feel that they have let me down in anyway. Trust me we all know when our members have tried. My team last year gave it their best and I give them all thumbs up for trying!

I stress this to all that play.Quality pictures-Quality pictures-Quality pictures. I've seen some nice birds killed over the past seasons in the competition that just didn't meet the requirements and the hunter along with the team didn't get the credit they deserved.

Hope this season is the best for all of us!!!:cheers:


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I for one do not join the contest expecting to win any prizes. I could really care less. (When I did win prizes, I didn't get some of them). It is about getting to know other hunters and having fun with it. I think I could pick a "stacked" team and get close to winning each year but I would not join the contest if we could pick teams. I assume the reason we list # of birds is so the teams can be equal as possible. I like the way it is. It's called the "Challenge" you know.