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I bought a New Holland FN 65 tractor a little while back (used with 940 hours). It's time for an oil change. According to the manual, the recommended oil is 10w-30 or 15w-40, depending on climate. Based upon the chart, I am going to use 15w-40. However, the recommended brand of oil, Ambra Super Gold NH 330G, is not sold here, and I am a pretty good distance from the nearest New Holland dealer.

What would be QUALITY oil to use?

Thanks for the input!!!


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If you check your manual, it will show a "New Holland Specification", which you've identified, but it should also give an "International Specification".

My NH Workmaster shows a NH spec of Ambra Super Gold NH324G 10W-30, but the International spec shows an API CF4.

So, I buy a 10W-30 with an International spec of API CF4. Look in your manual for that API spec and that API spec will be on the outside of the oil container.


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I usually buy that oil at Wally World. Hydraulic fluid will have an International API spec as well.


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Tractor supply sells 15w40 in quarts,and 2 gallon containers. that's what I use in my 45 year old MF diesel.


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Tractor Supply 15W40. Run it in everything from a 30 hp 850 JD to four 215 hp 4960 JD's.
Shell Rotella is probably the best of the best. If I only had 1 modern tractor, and it met the oil grade my tractor called for, that's what I'd use.

I have several older tractors, and I go through a lot of oil, so I buy whatever quality Diesel oil, I can find a deal on. Some of them are gas tractors, and Rotella works well for them too, otherwise a good HD oil for gas engines.