Ok.... i relented and did it

This has been a bad week, I lost a good neighbor. One of my friends lost his brother, at least he was able to come in from Colorado to see him three days before he passed.

Another guy I know is on the vent. A 21 yr. old young woman, who was improving, had a bad night and passed this morning.

I’m so sick of hearing this. Our ER has brought in a mobile clinic to treat non life threatening injuries. The ER is full of Covid patients. There are Covid patients on beds in the hallways of the ER.

Our ER is on full diversion. Another friend of mine runs a medical supply business. He’s getting called out multiple times a night to take Oxygen to people who are being treated and sent home on oxygen.

All of the adjacent counties are pretty much in the same shape.
Not to change the subject but I believe its going to get worse in the next few weeks. Schools going back and kids/ teachers getting it.
Colleges too with kids being kids partying and the football.
Fall fairs and festivals.
Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The thoughts on the mRNA stuff. I have not read up on it but I remember 1999 and the "experts" thought the computers would crash because of 00. Didn't happen so who knows.
If it helps me not get real sick or die than I'm good.