OK, show of hands....

Have thought about it many many times. Just can’t bring myself to ruin a good deer hunt for a squirrel, but who knows, maybe one day


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Think about where that big bore rifle ball is traveling to. Once shot in the air upward. It has to come back down. Same as a 22.
Just something to think about.
Nope, never been tempted. I'll will ease my rifle up and get em in the crosshairs without them seeing me and barking. It's a little entertainment I guess.


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I don't mind them in the trees so much it's the ones blowing up the leaves on the ground I'm talking about
Well I have never thought about it. I’ve had squirrels run up trees telling me they just seen something. Sometimes it’s a deer.
Deer know squirrels eat acorns and they may come around.
Squirrels are the watch dogs of the woods.


...just joking, seriously.
In younger days, I killed my first handgun deer while sitting in my stand gathering those noise-makers up pre-rut. 22 rifle in my hand and .357 on my hip...


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No but a lot of times I will take a 22 rifle with some shorts in it and wax a few. Shorts are really quiet in a rifle. But only after I get a couple of deer in the freezer.

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Remember, there are restrictions on the type of weapon you can use on squirrels, so using that larger caliber deer rifle would be unlawful. Heck, if you're that easily irritated in the woods, you might want to take up another sport. facepalm:


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I get my revenge in December and January...enjoy it now squirrels, for your days are numbered.


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That's one good thing about bow hunting I aways carry a small game tip on one of my arrows
Yep, and I also used to carry a pellet gun pistol.

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I have, long time ago in Michigan's U.P.. Blew away a Red Squirrel at the end of the log i sitting on. He sat there for a good 10 mins telling the whole world i was there. Haven't done it since.