Old and New - contrasts ? Or consternations ?

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Another quote from a source I can't remember. It's been my email siggy for quite some time, per my awareness of His glorious grace in the last years:

It’s actually very easy to identify the difference between the old and new covenant teachings. Just ask yourself if the teaching is putting the emphasis on what you have to do or what Jesus has done. Does it make you introspective, always looking to yourself and how you fared or failed? Or does it turn your eyes away from yourself to look upon Jesus and His finished work?

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Dan Camp has a great FB post today that follows this well. Used with permission.

The Lordship of Christ is not higher than the Life of Christ. He is not Life because He is our Lord; He is Lord because He is our LIFE.
Jesus did not arise from the grave and ascend to the Father to be worthy to tell you what to do and how to live your life. He did everything to be one with you and to live His Resurrection Life from within you and thru you.

Never again tell others that He is your Lord without explaining that He is first and foremost your very Life.

What's that you say? "I don't know how to explain that. In fact, I'm not sure I even know how to do that."

I know, I know, it seems foreign, doesn't it? All "our lives" we've been told that Christianity is about doing a bunch of things that God requires, that's He's the Boss, and we do what He says.

What a WAKE-UP CALL to learn that "the faith once delivered" was not a bunch of rules delivered every Sunday, but the Life of Jesus deposited one time in every believer for a very logical purpose. He wants to live with us, one with us on the inside of our earthsuits, and live thru us.

Suddenly, it's not about a To-Do list of "His Lordly orders," but I'm a branch in His Vine, and Jesus in me is the Vine-life that provides Life to me and produces fruit thru me! Suddenly, I'm not being required to DO FOR GOD, but Jesus, living in me, is doing thru me! Suddenly, who I am in Christ, not what I'm supposed to do for Him, is the Main Thing.

There was a man who hitched his horse to the back of his cart. You know that story. Imagine his frustration.
There was another man, who woke up one day, and a heavenly download had occurred. And he knew in his heart of hearts, "I am not what I do." Imagine his freedom and joy!

It is the Joy of the Life of Jesus in us that is our strength! It's all about Him living in and thru us.