Old Bay hot sauce

I'm going to pick some up this am if the local Publix has any, along with some Everglades seasoning.
None at the ATL HWY Publix in Athens


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Publix seems to be the place, wife got me a bottle at the Canton Publix. I sampled some on a cracker tastes pretty much like Old Bay. Got plenty of jazz to it. I'll bet it's awesome on raw oysters or in a Bloody Mary.
It’s finally in the stores! Found some at the Publix today. It’s worth the wait. Mixed some with mayo, sour cream, Worcestershire and black pepper for griddled chicken sauce tonight. Just a public announcement!
Tried this today it was delicious, I did 1/2 cup old bay, 3/4 cup mayo, 1/4 cup sour cream, couple tablespoons of worcestershire and black pepper. Veryyy good on Blackstone chicken.