Old Hunter Holsters... Anybody else like em?


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Hunter Holsters have been around forever, and there is one to fit anything you can think of.

Back in the day, everybody had them, everybody used them, and it didn't need to be any more complicated.

To me there ain't nothing better for woods walkin', trappin', fishin', or just knockin' around.

I love the things, and the memories and tradition they represent.


Lately I have been picking a few off eBay, and now I guess I'm trying to find one for every gun I own...lol

The search is fun, the price is right, and it's cool to give old stuff new life!

Anybody else still like these things???


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I have an old holster for my dad’s SW 586 that looks identical to those- may have to pick a couple up for some other guns.


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what is the difference in the -86 & 50? is it 7.5 or 5.5"? I didn't see those numbers on the page I looked at.


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I love to go through the old holster boxes at gun shows. And Hunter holsters are the number one thing I look for.
I’ve picked them up for as little as 2 for 5$.


Billy’s Security Guard.
what is the difference in the -86 & 50? is it 7.5 or 5.5"? I didn't see those numbers on the page I looked at.
1100-86 for the 5.5
1100-50 for the 7.5

Hunter's website doesn't show the designators when you do a search. They want you to order at full price.

Midway has a good search feature, and when you search a gun, it will show Hunter's model number. Also, if you scroll all the way thru, you will find a list of anything else the holster will work with..

To further muddy the water, over the many years, some holsters have been discontinued, and the latest list I can find was from 2016...

Happy Hunter Hunting! :bounce:
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I'm thinking about buying a Single Six, and I will definitely get one of those for that gun.
I've got a nylon version that I've used when woods walking for several guns. I put a red dot on my Smith .22, and it wouldn't fit in the holster. So, I modified it by cutting a chunk out. It works great for that gun, and still works for a 1911.

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