Old Muzzleloader From Civil War

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i have an old muzzleloader rife that I bought in 1958. It is a 69 caliber I believe, has no rear sight and apparently was a flint lock that was converted to a percussions cap during the civil war. I don’t know to much else about it. Obviously it’s was just a basic infantryman’s rifle. It’s in reasonable shape and I have let my children and grandchildren shoot it over the years just so they could have that experience.

At my age, I think I might like to sell it since I have no son or daughter who has an interested in it. Where would be a good place and/or way to sell something tike this old gun?

Thanks for your help! Stay safe.... Stay healthy!


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I'd love to see a pic of the old gun!
Me 2...I had an old muzzle loading shotgun from the civil war era that I donated to the Civil War Museum in Florence SC while I was living near there...