Old School Turkey Shells...

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The prices on the boxes were $8.99 for the Federals and $12.99 for the Winchesters.

Sure beats the prices turkey loads are fetching these days!

"Old School" for me. Was just a fun "find" and took me back to when I started turkey hunting. :)
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old school would be the Winchester Super X red shell in 3" #6 or #4...before there were "dedicated" turkey shells
my box says ''Winchester Double XX copperplated lead shot turkey loads ''.......12ga,-3inch-mag-2oz-6shot , 10 shotgun shells......sticker says $6.99
I still have them because I use the Federals out of a box just like the one in the photo..
Winchester used to make a XX or Super X with copper plated shot called Lubaloy shot, made for waterfowl hunting. I got hold of a case of 3" #6 shells in 1977 or so from a Winchester sales rep. Not sure when they quit making them before that. That was a turkey killing load.