Old Town Discovery Solo 119

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So I am shopping and researching fishing kayaks after posting about kayaking with a bad back. I am trying to narrow down my choices but I keep coming back and looking at this one. It looks comfortable and is light (56lbs). Watched some youtube vids and everyone was surprised how fast it would go. I need yalls opinion on this vs a sit on top style. As with any of them, I will have to sit in one before I make a decision. Help talk me out of it.

I had one for years. Loved it. Best boat like that I ever owned. Gives you tons more room than a kayak.

I never had any issue with anywhere I wanted to fish but big shoals and rapids. Then I just got out and waded it thru.


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I have a old town 158. These canoes are bullet proof. Heavy. Last a lifetime And I’d have to believe it doesn’t paddle too fast.
it’s high sides allow you to carry a lot of gear.
I would still consider this a canoe. I would look for a stable sit on top with a good seat.


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I am definitely more a canoe person than a kayak person. I like the looks of the solo 119 a lot. It is almost 30 pounds lighter than the Predator 13 and is arranged so that everything is in front of you, no twisting to get things in the rear. I have paddled and built several canoes with similar shapes and they do paddle pretty fast. I do not think you can go wrong with this one.
I’ve had the older version, the Guide 119, for years. Love it. Best boat I’ve ever had. Use it for hunting and fishing, I wouldn’t take anything else on the river.

PS, I’ve had them all Hobie, ocean kayak, wilderness system, etc.