Ole Sid is still kicking w/pics

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I hadn't been on Lanier since last Thursday but decided to get out for a while and survey the damage from the weekend masses yesterday. I was hoping to get out on a lake where the topwater was on fire but those hopes dwindled with every cast of my popper and walking bait. I tested the suspended bite with the spybait and swimbait but only had one taker so I settled into a long sloooooowww afternoon of finesse fishing the shaky head. Yuk!! I'm more of a power fisherman but the bite I'm on is finesse so I gotta go with it.
The creek has a stain to it, either from algae bloom or massive boat traffic from the weekend. I didn't like the look so I headed out to the humps on the big water and found a few. I actually had a nice sack if you count the one I tried to lip boatside which shook the hook out of it's mouth and into my finger.
It was hot out there but there was a little bit of wind so if you moved every so often it wasn't bad. Gotta drink lots of water and cover up. I believe the water temps are in the low to mid 80's and the corps is generating a few hours a day right now. Here's a few bigger fish from yesterday. I had a 10-12 fish afternoon.

MAH00166(1).jpg MAH00168(1).jpg MAH00169(1).jpg MAH00170(1).jpg


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You 're amazing fisherman,Jim. I fished for 7 -11 and only caught 5 keepers with largest about 2.5. Just couldn't find anything in my off shore brush.
As always,thanks for your informative post.
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What a difference a day makes. Couldn't get them to come up this morning but I did make a quick run out to the main lake and hit a few humps before the wind kicked up and it started white capping. I caught a couple smaller keepers and finally popped a good one dragging a worm.