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It’s spring, it’s a DAWGs fan, their minds are clouded with dreams of a football natty.

UGA doesn’t even make the top 10

Below are the top ten colleges with the highest amount of Olympic medals.
  1. University of Southern California (288 Medals)
  2. Stanford University (280 Medals)
  3. University of California in LA (224 Medals)
  4. University of California - Berkeley (185 Medals)
  5. University of Michigan (134 Medals)
  6. University of Texas (130 Medals)
  7. University of Florida (108 Medals)
  8. Harvard University (108 Medals)
  9. Yale University (108 Medals)
  10. Ohio States University (100 medals)


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Just lookin at that pink haired soccer player ticks me off. She’s the problem with our current state of affairs. People like her.
I apparently am not people. I despise her.
Dang brother...... When you think of a uga fan think of me.
You know exactly what I mean. You ain’t a typical UGA fan.

1. You actually went to UGA.
2. You have common sense and not delusional visions of grandeur year after year.
3. You critique the team the way an impartial
bystander would and don’t unapologetically praise them no matter what.
4. You don’t call for the coaches head on a pike every time the team loses a conference game.
5. I’ve never once heard you say, “Well, we beat Auburn. That’s enough for me!”

Haha. Love you brother!