on the road again...Indiana from the tree updates!!!

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Ok folks its that time again. Bubbabuck and me are headed through nashville right now headed towards rochester IN up near the north pole.

We share a lease with another member here that is slap full of deer! On our visit during turkey season we saw our first 30 deer when still within site of the truck!!!! I guess the crops help, but mainly its because it holds the only timber in the county:D

The weather gods are calling for lows in the teens and highs in the 20s and possible snow on a few days. So it might just be perfect.

The other folks that have hunted this season were bow only and saw a good number of deer and some shooters but came home empty. We are loaded down with black powder and 250gr bullets so maybe we can reach out and touch one or 2.

We will get there in time to do some watching from the truck and then start hunting in the AM

Real real good feelings about this trip. Yall keep em crossed and check in often!

this is the farm we are hunting...



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good luck jt and bubba. ya'll have a safe trip and kill a couple of booner's. is may making the trip?


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Whats a muzzleloader

You should have atleast took the bow...:stir:
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Thought hard about the bow, but am just fine burning some blackhorn 209!!!

Ol May is not making the trip. Weather might be a little tough for him...his words "I guarantee you it aint that cold in Nome Alaska" :D. Supposed to be windy too!


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Good luck man, hope y'all kill some monsters!
Woohoo....I love from the tree updates.:cool:Go ahead and smoke a sho nuff gagger fellas. Don't want to see no 130's on this trip. I want to see some freaks outta you boys on this here puter.:cool:
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Hey kevin...if I was bowhunting I would at the very least remember to untie by pull rope...right gator??? :bounce:

Almost to louisville boys...balmy 53 degrees...rains gotta be in here soon
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Ok the ipod is busting out some natasha beddingfield...pocket full of sunshine. Lol forgot that was on there:D