on the road again...Indiana from the tree updates!!!

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Probably not gonna get there in time to hunt most likely just watch from the truck and maybe hang climbers.

Seminole, Land is about 600 acres

Cletus T.

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Good luck over there fellas…….I hope you get a chance to say Hoosier Daddy in the ole Hoosier State!!!
Good luck JT and Bubba! We are all fired up and ready to read the "From The Tree Updates" :fine:


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yeah JT...send us some good pics and updates...good hunting!

red tail

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Good luck guys. Go get em!!!
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Almost to the hotel...get unloaded...maybe just maybe break out the guns this eve...maybe. Prolly better if we kick back and watch first and hang a couple of stands though.

Good bit of snow piled up in the ditches, but its only rain for now.

Have a good, fun, safe trip. We'll be pulling for ya'll. Hope ya'll take the smokepoles with you wherever you go & whatever you do just in case ya'll get caught by surprise by some monster antlers & have to defend yourselves. Look forward to hearing bubbabuck redeeming himself with more wallhanger success for both of you on this hunting trip.
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Watching deer feed in the cornfield now. Still raining and warm @ 44. Will watch till dark and be ready in the AM