on the road again...Indiana from the tree updates!!!

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gator, they were on the far tree line to the left of the northern bedding area. it was raining to hard and was too foggy to see much more. then we drove over to the red barn and another was out in the cut beans but no idea what it was.

rain has stopped, but its gonna be pretty icy all day. the rain stayed until after midnight and now its below freezing and will be throughout the day. we will probably wait till just breaking day to go in this morning since we have never hunted here before.

ok time for some coffee! then I gotta go tickle under bubba's inside elbow to wake him up...yeah I know but its the only way :D:D ok so that part is probably a bit much!

hopefully I can give yall an update in a few hours


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Good luck JT and Bubba!!!!!Ya'll keep us posted today...We will not get anything done at work this week:bounce:
Be safe and pile em up:shoot::shoot:
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Here we go boys and girls! Its day one of the pursuit of that sweet beast of IN.

I am sitting about 50 yards inside the tree line on a little hidden field of cut corn. I can see and shoot 75 yards in all directions.

The field is to the north and east and thick woods everywhere around me with wind from the north right now at about 15 mph. Its 26 and pretty comfy...although after the 47 mile hike across this frozen cut corn field carrying 800-900 lbs of gear Ill propbably freeze from sweat drying soon:D

Jumped 6 deer coming in.

Bubba is on the edge of the far NW side of the same field.

We would both love to kill out today, but arentxpecting much since we have never hunted here. More hoping to enough movement to know where to e our climbers...but the gun is primed just in case:bounce:

Keep em crossed people!


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Good luck JT! Looking forward to the updates.
Well, once again I find myself drooling over another "from the tree" thread. Dang it Jim, I've got work to do! Ya'll need to tag out early so I can get something accomplished today, other than my extreme feeling of jealousy
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First 3 deer from stand. 3 does are out in the middle of the corn. I think they came from our truck...musta been getting warm:p. Wind up in mid 20s now. Brrrrrrrrr