One tough squirrel!

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Funny story from this morning. Me and my boys (13 and 10) head out to chase some squirrels in the rain. It was pouring from 7:00 until about 8:15 so we mostly just sat in a pop up blind keeping dry and whispering about all the actions that was bound to happen if the rain let up. About 8:30 ole bushy tail made his first appearance. My 13 year old got him in the scope and let one fly, perfect head shot I thought, but he fired again...then again. At this point I called a cease fire and said “Good grief son, he was dead on the first shot.” He replied that he didn’t think it was a good hit. I pointed to the squirrel draped over a 6 inch thick limb in a white oak and my point was made...I thought. Now we had a new problem. He didn’t fall, and was in an 18 inch oak layer out across a thick branch right near the trunk. After about 5 mins of vine yanking and circling the tree thinking, we gave up.

So about 15 mins later it’s a downpour and we are back in the blind watching water drip when the boy exclaims, “I’m going to get that squirrel. He might be the only chance I get in this rain!” and runs back down there and starts swinging around like Tarzan one a vine trying to shake the squirrel loose. Well I’ll be danged if he didn’t manage to finally work him free. Plop. Squirrel falls. Boy picks up squirrel and starts walking back. Suddenly he’s dancing around and hollering “Bring me a gun!” I said, just stomp his head good. So he starts stomping...then running in a circle repeating his request for fire support and hollering “It’s alive!” At this point we are dying laughing and the 10 year old is headed his way with a rifle in hand. Finally they manage to dispatch it with a 4th shot.

Upon close inspection back at the blind, the big fella (and he was a solid 3 pounds) had been hit by ALL FOUR SHOTS! He had an inverse mohawk down to the skull with a strip of bone removed from what I assume was the first shot. Another ditch across the back of his head that was down to bone, a shot clean through the neck, and finally (presumably the final close in shot) one through both eyes. Then he suddenly took a deep breath and snapped at us 1 more time before finally surrendering himself to the stew pot.
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:rofl::rofl::rofl:It don’t take long to look at a squirrel......but it’s tuff to turn one loose sometimes.:rofl:Your boys will remember that one for the rest of their lives. That story will be told time and time again. Those are the great times in life. You need to remember to take some pictures. Good story bud ! :cheers:
If one takes pictures the ability to embellish the story down through the years is impared. Great story and will be retold many times, I am certain of it.
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If one takes pictures the ability to embellish the story down through the years is impared. Great story and will be retold many times, I am certain of it.
The embellishment started on their first retelling of the story. Now one is convinced they found teeth marks on a shoe and the other told grandma the squirrel was the size of a house cat, even though she had seen the thing rinsed out in her kitchen sink 10 mins before. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Love those sq stories guys. LoL
Just last year my buddy and me took Lucie girl out for a hunt. I think it was the 3rd sq we killed. I had put the sq in my vest and we hunted on. I kept feeling a little squrimin around in my vest but thought the sq would die any time. All of a sudden that little squirm turned into a thrashin, that sq walked out of my vest and right down my belly and down my leg. Well he got to close to my privates and I slapped him off me and hollerd for Lucie girl to come get him. She did, caught him in the creek. I made sure he was dead before I put him back in my vest.
I was out shaking nests with a buddy one time and it was his turn to shake and my turn to shoot. I assumed the position an appropriate distance from the tree and he commenced shaking the nest. Well, about six FLYING squirrels bailed out of the nest. One hit the ground near me and promptly ran up my pants leg. I started jumping and hollering and trying to knock the squirrel off my pants, which I finally did. My hunting partner was doubled over laughing. He still talks about that today.


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Great story.....made me’s mine.

During my early military years I made extra bucks working on folks cars. I had finished tuning a guys car and he “paid“ me by bringing out a shoe box full of small pistols to pick from. There was a nice .25 auto in a holster that went home with me. I wore the pistol many times as EDC. I then carried it to the deer woods scouting. As I’m scouting a squirrel runs up a tree and stops about 30 feet up. I lay down on him with the .25 and fire. The squirrel looks like an Olympic diver doing a back flip off the tree and to my surprise hits the ground running. A few shots with that .25 convinced me I wasn’t going to hit him shooting that short barrel on the run. After a short very comical foot chase the squirrel began flipping around on the ground and I got a foot on it. When I skinned the squirrel I found the .25 never penetrated a bone. The bullet entered above the back legs traveled along the spine and exited at the front shoulders. After seeing that pistol couldn’t penetrate a squirrel it went in a drawer never to be carried again. Gave it away a few years later. That bullet resistant squirrel got shed of the only .25 I ever owned.
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i toted a cap rifle(like the old cap pistols) when i was about 4 or 5 with granddad and daddy when they went squirrel hunting....didn't have a dog, just drive around to different places with oaks and walk around for shot one and it hung in a old dead branch way up and was almost ready to slip off and fall....he was fixing to shoot the limb and i yelled let me shoot it....i lined up the sites and popped a cap and at the same time the limb gave way and down came the squirrel!....mine all mine, could tell me nuttin' about squirrel hunting from then on......