Oosik Skinner

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Here is a nice sized skinner with handles made from Oosik...fossilized walrus...
This is an enlargement of my little skinner that I've made for several folks on here including Nicodemus. CPM154 stainless steel was used on this knife...most are ordered using carbon steel. She went out west to an elk guide buddy of mine. Hope you like and thanks for looking.

HH, Micheal's Oosik, low res.jpg


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Hank, I`ll swing by to see you this afternoon.
Awesome craftsmanship Buuut I found a first time quality knife at a gas station.
It had it’s own leather sheath sharp as surgical steel. A little compact thing about kids size. But darn if it aint nice.
Already cut three deer or more without sharpening. Best $15 I ever spent at a gas station. Total length 4 inches.
“So convenient” is what I named it.
I pull it out at least once a season and had it for 10 years. Somebody mixed up and put it in with the gas station garbage.
Mine looks like yours is the only reason I compared. I’m sure yours blows mine in the dirt.
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